Wound Care for OT’s and PT’s

April 14, 2017 12:18 PM


Please join us, along with Doctors Demistify for this informative day long session about wound care for OT’s, PT’s, ATC’s and Cast Techs.

Saturday, October 15th from 8:00-3:30 at OA in Saco. 

The cost of the course is $99, register at http://www.doctorsdemystify.com/live-courses/doctors-demystify-wound-care/. 

Course Objectives 
At the completion of the course the registrant will be able to: 
1. Describe the normal anatomy and physiology of the skin and subcutaneous tissues 
2. Describe the sequence of normal wound healing and altered states that delay it 
3. Demonstrate sterile technique and document wound assessment 
4. Describe mechanical and chemical treatments to aid wound healing and scar modeling 
5. Describe specific care procedures for clean surgical incisions, open wounds, thermal injuries

-In-depth anatomy 
-Detailed physical exam
-Current treatment concepts
-Learn from and network with local surgeon experts
-Earn 5.0 hours of CE credit for intermediate and advanced learning

Course Schedule 
8:00 Introduction 
8:10 History of wound care 
8:15 Skin anatomy and physiology 
8:30 Normal wound healing 
8:50 Altered wound healing 
9:05 Sterile technique 
9:20 Wound assessment and description 
9:45 Questions and answers 
10:10 Break 
10:25 Dressings and chemical treatments 
10:40 Mechanical treatments 
11:00 Scar maturation and modeling 
11:15 Managing clean surgical incision 
11:30 Managing open wounds 
11:50 Managing thermal injuries 
12:10 Questions and answers 
12:15 Lunch/vendors 
1:15 Tips and tricks of wound care with OA’s Stacey Doyon 3:15 Course evaluation 
3:30 Adjourn 

Register Now The $99 registration fee includes online syllabus with color images, midmorning refreshments, and lunch. Course details and registration information are available at www.doctorsdemystify.com. Doctors Demystify has been providing excellence in education for OTs and PTs since 1990. You agree or it’s free.

Featured Speakers 
Lauren Adey, MD 
Central Maine Orthopaedics 
Matt Bush, MD 
Central Maine Orthopaedics 
Sacha Matthews, MD 
OA Centers for Orthopaedics 
Kathryn Hanna, MD 
OA Centers for Orthopaedics 
Gregory Askins, MD 
DownEast Orthopedics 
Craige Williamson, MD 
Maine Coast Memorial Hospital 
Stacey Doyon, OTR/L, CHT 
OA Centers for Orthopaedics