By Dr. Jennifer Talmadge

The 12th Annual Tri for a Cure is just around the corner. This is among Spectrum Healthcare Partners longest running partnerships. The support helps to cover the costs of the event so that every dollar raised can be contributed toward the fight against cancer in Maine. Spectrum Healthcare Partners takes great pride in our involvement in our communities. We aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the areas we live in and encourage our employees to take steps toward healthier lifestyles. We have supported the Tri for a Cure since its inception and our involvement has encouraged participation from several of our employees and physicians.

“Our whole goal is to have healthy communities throughout Maine and northern New England. Maine Cancer Foundation striving to reduce cancer rates by 20% by 2020 fits well within our mission,” said Kelly David, Spectrum’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, who will be participating in her second Tri for a Cure this year. “When I had the opportunity to sit at the Tri Expo, seeing the survivors come through was really inspiring and made me want to participate myself. On race day, there are hundreds of volunteers encouraging the participants and everyone is so invested in the fight against cancer, it’s really powerful.”

This year, we have a team of nine Spectrum employees participating, and for many it will be their first triathlon. Other employees have supported their fundraising efforts and our orthopaedic team will staff the medical tent. It’s a great way for our employees to get involved even if they don’t want to participate. Dr. Jennifer Talmadge, Spectrum radiologist, will be doing her third Tri for a Cure this summer. “The Tri for a Cure feels like a team sport to me. I grew up participating in team sports and this gives off a similar feeling, the camaraderie of a team where we are not competing against each other, but with one another, supporting each other throughout the race,” she says. “As a company, we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality care, and a large percentage of the patients we serve are dealing with cancer. The work of Maine Cancer Foundation is a natural extension of our mission, and a natural fit for our philanthropy. Seeing the prevention signs along the Tri course, and the survivors participating, is incredibly powerful and helped motivate me to get across the finish line.”

Thousands of women will gather in less than a week to swim 1/3-mile, bike 15 miles and run 3 miles, together. Thousands more will volunteer and cheer on their family and friends. “The impact from the growth of the Tri is great, 12 years ago the first Tri for a Cure had 600 participants and raised $175,000 and in 2018 we had 1250 women and raised over $2 million,” says Julie Marchese, founder of the Tri for a Cure. “To date we have raised over $12 million for the Maine Cancer Foundation and we have made a difference in our community; but what I’m most proud of is: Prevention. We are impacting the health of women and their families. More women every year have made the choice to train and be at the start line. Cancer is devastating, both mentally and physically, and I hope the Tri for a Cure continues to help with prevention.”

Dr. Talmadge participating in the Tri for a Cure