General Questions About Pathology

Rapid results are important not only for your peace-of-mind, but also for your physician to begin planning your treatment as soon as possible. We forward your results as soon as possible to your physician who will review them with you.

Studies have shown that about 5% of original pathology diagnoses are revised upon review by a team of experts. This is in part due to greater expertise of subspecialty experts, the inherently subjective nature of some diagnoses, and a possible changing focus in your ongoing medical care that may add new clinical questions to your pathology specimen. The pathology diagnosis forms the basis for many clinical decisions, and provides information regarding prognosis and the best possible treatment to choose.

A second opinion and review of your pathology specimen by our team will ensure that your diagnosis is correct and that all information pertinent to your care is available to your doctor.

We invite you to have your doctor forward your pathology material to us. In most cases, the glass slides and a copy of your pathology report is sufficient. We will review your case and issue a written consultation report that is directly communicated to your treating physician.

We offer comprehensive ancillary diagnostic techniques, including molecular analysis, and we offer subspecialty expertise not only in gastrointestinal and liver pathology, but also in dermatopathology, hematopathology, oral pathology, gynecologic and genitourinary pathology, lung, breast, and kidney pathology.

Rapid turnaround and exceptional client service is a hallmark of our group. For patient safety, we perform real-time tracking of key quality assurance parameters & critical value reporting.

Common Billing Questions

If you receive a bill from our Pathologists, it’s because your referring physician, or the institution where you had your service, requested our review and analysis of your specimen. While Spectrum’s Pathologists staff a number of hospitals, medical practices throughout the area send patient specimens to us for analysis. We follow up by preparing a report that is sent to the ordering physician, assisting them in development of any necessary treatment plan.

If you have additional insurance information that you have not yet shared with us, please contact our billing office at 800-213-8382.

For your convenience, you can access your billing account with us on-line anytime. Visit our billing site at http://www.PerYourHealth.com and enter your account number and password. (You can find these on your patient statement.)

Physician services may be billed by the physician directly, or in conjunction with the institution with which they maintain a contractual agreement to mutually provide patient care. Institutional fees are sometimes called technical fees. This fee includes the institution’s costs for lab equipment, supplies, and non-physician personnel. Likewise, physician services are reflected in professional fees. Referring providers depend on timely and accurate diagnosis from Spectrum Pathology in order to treat a variety of illnesses. Professional component fees result from medically necessary services that are separate and distinct from technical lab fees.

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