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Looking for that edge next season against your competition or just looking to improve on past performances? With a fully integrated facility for sports performance and injury assessment the OA Performance Center provides the tools and the know-how to help you get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.

At the OA Performance Center we’re committed to helping athletes of all abilities become better swimmers, cyclists and runners. Whether you’re striving to complete your first triathlon, post a personal record, or win your age group, our dedicated team of professionals will help you train smarter and race faster.


OA Endurance Training Services


Off-Season Indoor Cycling Program
The OA Performance Center’s Indoor Cycling Program has returned whether you are a seasoned pro, getting ready for your first sprint triathlon, or just trying to stay fit over the winter, cycling is a great low impact way to stay fit. The classes will help you gain fitness to help you complete all of your goals for the following year. Everyone is welcome no matter your level of fitness so come join in!
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Endurance Athlete Strength Training
Prepare your body to endure the grueling effects of your endurance sport with the OA Performance Center’s cutting edge Endurance Athlete Strength Training. Finely tuned flexibility, soft tissue mobility, CORE stabilization, and total body strength training techniques specific to the endurance athlete will help you perform at a high level for your upcoming season. Experience our integrated program that will maximize your potential, improve your resistance to injury and power you to the finish line.
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Bike Fitting Services: $200
Proper Position on the bike will result in improved performance and will prevent injury. A cyclist experiencing pain while riding will never reach his/her full performance potential and may compensate or stop riding as a result. At OA, our FIST certified bike fit physical therapists understand that each rider varies greatly in their ability to achieve certain postures. We are trained to identify each rider’s muscular and postural imbalances, strengths, and weaknesses. These issues will dictate the ideal position for an individual rider. A fit with OA involves a comprehensive assessment of the musculoskeletal system and detailed on-the-bike assessment of position and biomechanics. We identify faults, make corrective adjustments, and reassess until we achieve our goals.
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Running Gait Analysis with Corrective Drills: $200
For anyone wanting to improve performance, prevent injury, or address a chronic injury or pain associated with running. Our high definition camcorder will be used to record your run gait. Following the recording session, our experts will review the video with our sport specific software identifying inefficiencies and recommending appropriate mitigation exercises and/or stretches. This is considered the most valuable feedback available to assess your run technique.
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Cycling Power Testing: $150
The cycling power meter is perhaps the most revolutionary training device since the heart rate monitor. Power meters measure how much power your legs are producing in watts. Learning to use this device effectively can be tricky and requires knowledge of power based training. The first step is to perform a series of power tests to determine power zones, just as you would heart rate zones. This test is best performed under the supervision of a qualified coach trained in the use of a power meter.


Nutrition Counseling
Health challenges are often brought about and exacerbated by nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. Nutritional Counseling brings the bodies chemistry into better balance through a bio-individual approach. Our on-site nutritionist offers a comprehensive and practical approach to nutrition education so you can succeed in long term weight management and optimal physical performance, all while feeling your very best.
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Coaching Services
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Endurance Coaches
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Michael Phelps Skill Center
Our Michael Phelps Skill Center opened in 2013. Visit the Michael Phelps Skill Center website for more information.

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