Regional Block Program

The Regional Block Program of Spectrum Medical Group’s Anesthesiology Division was founded in 2002 by Anesthesiologist Charles Higgins, MD.  The program is now managed by Dr. Orion Nohr and Michael Brennan, PA and staffed by several other Spectrum Anesthesiologists.   

Regional blocks are designed to provide postoperative pain relief after surgical procedures.  Nerve blocks are used for many types of surgery.  Spectrum Anesthesiology has designed site-specific brochures (see below) to answer your questions.

For additional information and FAQs, click on files below.

Click here to download the Regional Block Brochure  (Outside)

Click here to download the Regional Block Brochure   (Inside)

Click here to download the Foot & Ankle Surgery Peripheral Nerve Block Brochure

Click here to download the Breast Surgery Paravertebral Nerve Block Brochure

Regional Block FAQ

Nerves carry pain messages from a site of injury to the brain.  By injecting a local anesthetic near a nerve, those messages can be temporarily blocked, relieving pain.

No.  This is strictly an option to provide pain control during the first day and night after surgery.

No.  You will still have narcotics (but you will need less and probably have fewer side effects) and other non-narcotic pain killers.

You will be given a powerful sedative before the injection.  The pain is usually minimal.  Most patients are not aware that the procedure has been performed.

All medical or surgical treatments carry some risk.  Your anesthesiologist will inform you of any specific risks related to your nerve block.  Fortunately the risk of serious injury is very small.

Yes. If you need more information about this procedure you can call us at 207.662.4563. You may also call after your surgery if you have any questions.