Patient procedures will be scheduled by their surgeon. At most of our practice locations, Spectrum Medical Group has been acknowledged as the only provider which meets the institution’s high standard of care. At some locations, there may be more than one anesthesiology group providing services. To ensure that your patient receives one of our anesthesiologists, you should specifically request the hospital to schedule a Spectrum anesthesiologist.

If the patient has concerns about their anesthetic and feel that these issues cannot be addressed in the normal preoperative interview, Spectrum anesthesiologists are available to speak with them. They may set up an appointment for a telephone discussion or a face-to-face meeting by calling your hospital’s main number, during regular working hours, and request to be connected to the Anesthesiology Department. An administrative assistant will take the patient’s name, telephone number, and any other pertinent information, and an anesthesiologist will return their call.

Specific anesthesiologist requests can be handled either through the physician/surgeon’s office or by calling the hospital’s Anesthesiology Department directly. We will make every attempt to honor your patient’s request.