By Eric Bouchard, PT

2,000 cyclists are expected to participate in the 35th Anniversary of Trek Across Maine.  This is a 3 day cycling event taking place on June 14th-16th and covers 180 miles beginning in Brunswick with overnight stops in Lewiston and Waterville.  For many cyclists, completing this 3 day event may be easy, while others may struggle to complete the 60 mile route each day.  One of the milestones many riders attempt to achieve is riding 100 miles in a day and below you will find a guideline to help you achieve such a goal.

  • Below you will find an 8 week guide to being able to ride a century. It involves riding 3 days each week.  The example below involves riding on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  It is understandable that not everyone’s schedule allows for this.  It is certainly okay to vary the days of the week as long as you get 3 days of riding in at the recommended intensity.
  • Each week will include a Steady Ride, Long Ride, and a Speed Ride.
  • It is helpful to have a heart rate monitor to help guide your training intensity. These are relatively inexpensive but you can also use a Rating of Perceived Exertion scale to act as your guide so that you train at the right intensity.  Your maximum heart rate can generally be calculated by this formula:  220 minus your age = Maximum Heart Rate in beats per minute.