Todd Castonguay, PT

Todd Castonguay, PT

Todd Castonguay, PT, is a licensed physical therapist. His clinical interests include the rehabilitation of injured baseball players, the post-operative rehabilitation of the shoulder and knee, and youth injury prevention. He has been with OA since 2008.

“I love coming to work every day knowing that I am helping people to move and feel better. I utilize a blend of manual therapy techniques, exercise, and education to get people back to their desired activities and hopefully give them the tools to keep them healthy and injury free. Whether their goals are big or small, helping my patients achieve them is a privilege I take very seriously.”

Licenses & Certifications

Licensed physical therapist

Graston Technique certified

Functional movement screen certified

Sportsmetrics certified

Education & Training

University of New England, BSc, Biddeford, ME

Professional Interest

Rehabilitation of the throwing athlete
Injury prevention

Continuing Education Units

Maitland-Australian Approach, MT-4: Differential Assessment and Clinical Reasoning 2019 

Sportsmetrics Certification Seminar, 2018 

Maitland-Australian Approach, MT-O: Evidence-Based Orthopedic Diagnostic Evaluation, (2018) 

Examination and Treatment of Running Injuries, Brian Heiderscheit, (2018) 

Maitland-Australian Approach, MT-ST: Stabilization Training and Functional Rehabilitation, (2017) 

Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy, Comprehensive Treatment of the Shoulder, Great Lakes Seminars, 2017

Maitland-Australian Approach, MT-3: Intermediate Spinal Seminar, 2016

Boston Sports Medicine Symposium (2015)

Micheli Lecture: Throwing Injuries in the Young Athlete: Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and

Prevention, Boston Children’s Hospital (2015)

Management of Lumbopelvic Disorders, Josh Cleland (2015)

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