Jared Buzzell, PT, CMP

Jared Buzzell, PT, CMP

Jared Buzzell, PT, CMP, is a licensed physical therapist. He specializes in sports therapy with a special interest in the biomechanics of the running and cycling athlete, and is well known in the southern Maine endurance community for this. Jared has been with Spectrum Orthopaedics since 2000 and is the Senior Manager of Physical Therapy.

“We are all athletes in some way; even the neighborhood walker must coordinate a series of complex neuromuscular patterns to be able to complete the task. Learning the skill of movement, be it running, jumping, decelerating and even breathing efficiently, is critical to building the athletic foundation, overcoming injury and ultimately reducing the risk of future injury.”

Licenses & Certifications

  • Licensed physical therapist
  • Certified Mulligan practitioner
  • F.I.S.T. certified
  • Graston Technique certified

Professional Memberships

  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • New England Shoulder and Elbow Society

Education & Training

University of Vermont, BSc, Burlington, VT


  • Founder of the OA Triathlon Team, 2010
  • Contributor to OA Spine Program, 2012
  • Feature in Maine magazine, 2013
  • Publication on bike fitting in RaceME magazine, 2016
  • Triathlete
  • Ironman Lake Placid, 2010
  • Ironman 70.3 World Championships, 2011
  • Lectures regularly to local triathlon and running groups on running with efficiency for both performance improvements and injury prevention

Continuing Education Units

Endurance Athlete Certification, Medbridge program 2019

Clinical Examination of the Runner: Assessment, Testing, Gait Correlations, and Corrections, 2019

5th Annual Maine Sports Medicine Symposium; Foot and ankle injury management for runners. 2019

Clinical Bike Fit, Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS 2019

The Swim Stroke Analysis and the Swimmers Shoulder. Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS 2019

A Clinicians Role in Endurance Sport Performance. 2019

The Movement system: Practical Swimming Biomechanics and Treatment.  2019

Functional Dry Needling level 1. Kinetacore 2018

Sports hernia Injury; Rehabilitation & Prevention. Tim Tyler, PT, ATC 2018

The Running Athlete. Matthew Walsh, PT 2018

Examination and Treatment of Running Injuries. Brian Heiderscheit, PT, PhD 2018

Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy, comprehensive treatment of the shoulder.  Great Lakes Seminars 2017

Method Metabolic- The Method CRA Platform Training Certification. 2017

Functional Evaluation and Treatment of the SIJ and Pubic Symphasis; Mulligan Concept. Brian Mulligan, Mark Oliver, 2016

University of Florida Running Medicine Conference, 2016

Management of Lumbopelvic Disorders utilizing Thrust Manipulation. Josh Cleland, PT, PhD, 2015

New England Shoulder and Elbow Society, annual meeting, 2015

When the Foot Meets the Pedal… , Paul Swift, 2014

EXOS (Athletes Performance) Lower Quarter Functional Restoration, 2014

Graston Technique; M2 Advanced Training, Jacqueline Shaker, DPT, 2013

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion, Barry Willer, 2013

A Dynamic Approach to Aquatic Physical Therapy/ Performance Training, 2013

Essentials of Leadership, University of New Hampshire, 2013

Building the Ultimate Back, Stuart McGill, 2012

Graston Technique M1, Michael Arnolt, Jacqueline Shakar, 2012

FIT Institute Slowtwitch; F.I.S.T. Certification, Dan Empfield, 2011

SFMA: Selective Functional Movement Assessment: 2011

Examination and Treatment of Running Injuries, Brian Heiderscheit, 2011

New England Shoulder and Elbow Society Annual Meeting, 2011

Joe Friel Winter Base Training for the Endurance Athlete, 2010

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New England Shoulder and Elbow Society, Annual Meeting, 2010

Performance Nutrition; Fuel4mance, Bob Seebohar, 2009

First International Mulligan Concept Conference, Brian Mulligan, 2009

New England Shoulder and Elbow Society, Annual Meeting, 2009

Perform Better Functional Training Summit, 2008

Postural Respiration; An integrated approach to treatment of patterned thoraco-abdominal pathomechnaics, 2007

Mulligan Concept: Follow-up-Course; Mobilizations with Movement, “NAGS”, “SNAGS”, & More, Brian Mulligan, 2007

An A-Z Manual Therapy Approach for Hip, Knee and Foot Pathology. Hands on Seminars, 2007

Functional Movement Screening and Core Training; Gray Cook’s FMS. Lee Burton, 2007

Mulligan Concept: Upper Quadrant Mobilizations with Movement, 2006

Mulligan Concept: Lower Quadrant Mobilizations with Movement, 2006

2006 World Golf Fitness Summit. Titleist Performance Institute, 2006

Boston Shoulder and Sports Symposium, 2005

Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy- Comprehensive Treatment of the Shoulder. Great Lakes Seminars, 2005

Back to Golf Advanced. Bud Ferrante, 2005

Back to Golf Basic. Bud Ferrante, 2005

Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy- Holistic Treatment of the Foot and Ankle. Great Lakes Seminars, 2004

Foot and Ankle Update. Advanced orthotic casting/prescription and temporary orthotic fabrication., 2004

The Norwegian Approach to Orthopaedic Manual therapy of the Lumbar Spine. Kaltenborn-Evjenth concept. Martin Langaas, 2003

Core Stability. The Foundation for Successful Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation. Marjorie King, 2003

When the Feet Hit the Ground…Everything Changes, 2003

Shoulder Update. Current Concepts and Practical Clinical Considerations, 2003

Myokinematic Restoration-Integrated Approach to Treatment of Patterned Lumbo-Pelvic-Femoral Pathomechanics, 2002

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The Shoulder and the Elbow. Dartmouth Hitchcock, 2000

The Amputee Athlete, 2000

Adverse Dural Tissue: Evaluation and Manual Therapy Treatment Techniques for Neural Irritation, 1998

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