Quality & Value

Quality Initiatives

Not only are our specialists the most respected in their profession, they’re also backed by a sophisticated management team and IT infrastructure. So, we can promise you unmatched levels of quality improvement and efficiency across a comprehensive range of services – including the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques employed anywhere.

Spectrum Healthcare Partners is dedicated to improving the quality of both healthcare and patient safety. Quality continues to be a strategic focus of our Board of Directors. The Board’s strategic initiatives include the following goals:

  • To provide the highest quality sub-specialty services to our customers (patients, hospitals, physicians, citizens)
  • To service as a partner in solving regional healthcare issues (quality, access, cost)

Spectrum’s quality efforts are driven by our physicians. The company supports the investment of physician resources in building and improving infrastructure and systems implemented at our hospitals and sites of service.

Each of our specialties at Spectrum has a comprehensive quality program. The efforts of our quality programs demonstrate meaningful progress in error reduction, enhanced patient safety, and improved outcomes.

Managing a hospital today is complex enough without adding responsibility for all your specialized care providers. Spectrum Healthcare Partners can help you coordinate care, facilitate network alliances, provide cost controls and reduce administrative duplication by handling the clinical, business and operational functions.

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