Who We Are

Spectrum Healthcare Partners physicians are helping to shape the future of Maine’s healthcare policy by our active involvement in organizations such as the Maine Health Management Coalition, Maine Medical Association, Maine Health ACO. In addition, Spectrum physicians serve as department chairs, medical directors, and active committee members addressing a wide variety of issues central in keeping Maine in the forefront of innovative health care.

Spectrum is organized as a professional services corporation in the State of Maine.  It is governed by a Board of Directors whose representatives are selected, in part, by its operating divisions and, in part, by the shareholders at large.  Presently, Spectrum has ten operating divisions each which elects a board director / managing director.  Spectrum also has three at large directors which are elected by all of the shareholders.  Board directors serve on staggered, three year terms.  Managing directors preside over the Divisional Advisory Committee and Practice Management meetings.

Our Core Values

Patient Centered Care

Quality and Value




Leaders in Education

Spectrum Healthcare Partners’ philosophy includes investing in improving healthcare resources by dedicating time and training resources. As a result, select staff from each of our clinical divisions share their expertise to foster learning opportunities and consultative guidance. Our physicians staff dozens of multidisciplinary conferences, working with physicians from diverse disciplines. The expertise of our Anesthesiologists, Orthopaedists, Pathologists, Radiation Oncologists and Radiologists is requested for conferences with hospital medical staffs throughout Maine. In addition, we provide ongoing educational opportunities during the “Grand Round” forums conducted at area hospitals.


Medical School & Residency Training

Our physicians provide leadership and education to medical students and residents who come to us from medical schools throughout New England and the United States. We are commited to training Maine’s future physician leaders.


Training Opportunities for Medical Students

In addition to directing residency training programs, many of our physicians serve on the faculties of medical schools across New England, including the University of New England, Tufts University, and the University of Vermont. Robert Cawley, DO, serves as the Chair of the Pathology Department at the University of New England (UNE). Furthermore, our Radiologists support Eastern Maine Medical Center’s affiliation with UNE through both teaching conferences and one-on-one mentoring of medical students and family practice residents. At Maine Medical Center (MMC) our doctors have provided education to medical students through the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine, and have recently become affiliated with the Tufts University School of Medicine.


Radiology Residency Training

Charles K. Grimes, MD serves as the Program Director of MMC’s Radiology Residency Program. The curriculum includes twice-daily conferences and education in general radiology, mammography, nuclear radiology, cardiac radiology, pediatric, angiography and interventional, body CT, neuro CT, MRI, ultrasonography, radiation oncology, and electives. Residents work under the supervision of Spectrum Medical Group’s Radiologists, who provide imaging training, feedback and promote the learning experience.


Anesthesiology Residency Training

Angus Christie, MD serves as the Program Director of MMC’s Anesthesiology Residency Training Program. Anesthesiology is a specialty requiring the daily application of the principles of pharmacology and physiology in the care of patients. James Flowerdew, MD, Associate Residency Director, and Ted Lord, MD coordinate the medical student education curriculum and research. Our entire team of Anesthesiologists ensures that each resident receives a complete training experience in all forms of patient monitoring, general and regional anesthetics, didactic training, and clinical research.