Online Bill Paying


For your convenience, you can access your billing account with us online anytime through our system called Per Your Health. The online service is available for Anesthesiology, Pathology, Radiation Oncology, Radiology and Vascular & Interventional Services accounts.

You will need to have your account number and password ready to use this service. You can find these on your patient statement. See the example to the right.

For Orthopaedics Billing

Billing Questions for Orthopaedics should be directed to the office listed below: 


Please visit OA Online Bill Pay on the OA website for billing information.



All Other Billing Offices

For specific billing questions please contact one of our representatives. 


Anesthesiology and Pain Management:

Spectrum Healthcare Partners – Anesthesiology Division
482 Congress Street
Portland, Me 04101

207-541-7050 (Telephone)
800-400-7611 (Toll Free)



Spectrum Healthcare Partners
Pathology Division
P.O. Box 289
Lewiston, Maine 04243

800-213-8382 (Telephone Toll Free)
207-753-2100 (Fax)


Radiation Oncology:

Spectrum Healthcare Partners
Radiation Therapy Division
482 Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04101

800-308-2321 (Telephone Toll Free)
207-874-9822 (Fax)


Radiology and Vascular & Interventional Services:

Spectrum Healthcare Partners
Radiology Division
482 Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04101

800-308-2321 (Telephone Toll Free)

For patients who were seen at a Northern Radiology site of service:
Fax: 207-753-2100

For patients who were seen at a Southern Radiology site of service:
Fax: 207-874-9822

Most Frequently Provided Health Care

Notice to Patients

Pursuant to 22 M.R.S.A. §1718-B prices of Spectrum Healthcare Partners’ most frequently provided health care services and procedures are available upon request by contacting Spectrum Healthcare Partners at 207-482-7800.

In addition, price transparency tools are available to the public on the Maine Health Data Organization’s website at